Our Team

Paul-Gauthier  Paul Gauthier, Executive Director

Paul Gauthier is the Founder and Executive Director of the IFRC Society, with the key responsibility for program development, operations, government resources and team guidance. Prior to developing the IFRC, Paul worked on developing and delivering the EATI program, utilizing the Participation Model with great success. His dream of helping people with disabilities never waivered. He is passionate about individualized funding because he is living proof of its benefits to full participation in society.No stranger to public speaking, Paul gives selflessly of his time, knowledge and experience in order to educate others on the value of individualized funding. He is a goal-setter and a natural born leader; breaking down barriers so people with disabilities can pursue their dreams. Paul is also a five-time Paralympian in the sport of boccia.



 Chris Hofley, Founding Board Member

Chris Hofley is Co-Founder and IFRC Society Board of Directors' member. He brings over 20 years combined experience assisting, advising and mentoring people with disabilities in addition to serving the public in the banking industry. Chris has aunique way of diffusing problems that occur; whether it's supporting CSIL employers, resolving a staffing issue or lending friends a helping hand, he will get the job done. With his contagious smile and light-hearted sense of humour, Chris contribues to the Society's success. Chris is very outgoing, but he always makes time for family and friends while giving back to the community.


Dalton-Final-1 Dalton Finlay, Project Assistant

Dalton Finlay is the Project Assistant and a Navigator for the IFRC society. His wonderful mother who raised him alone has cerebral  palsy and was told by doctors that she would never be able to have children, played a big part in shaping him into the person that he is  today. She is a fighter and does not take "no" for an answer. Much of her greatness can be seen within Dalton, as he is a calm, collected and  understanding individual. Dalton has over 5 years of experience in bookkeeping, payroll, and CSIL administration. He has a passion for  helping people with disabilities live the fullest life they can live. Dalton enjoys spending time with his Fiance, Rex (his dog) and is an active  member of the PlayStation Community.


Kim Ho

Kim Ho, Accounting Services

Kim Ho is a Financial and Managerial Accountant and a member of The Canadian Payroll Association. She has many years of experience working in non-profit and charitable organizations. Her greatest skill is working independently with numbers with a high degree of accuracy. Kim joined the IFRC Society in December 2013 as the Chief Financial Officer. In her current role, she is a payroll specialist. She sets up small business accounts, prepares monthly remittance and source deduction statements, writes cheques and takes the added stress off our CSIL employers. In her childhood years, Kim contracted the Polio virus. Her disability, in no way, has stopped her from pursuing her dreams of  helping others. In her spare time, Kim enjoys sewing and creating fruit and vegetable carvings.

Shiela Soroten

Shiela Soroten, Payroll Services

Shiela Soroten is a vital part of our Human Resources department at IFRC, as well as being a field supervisor and part of our payroll team, she is a member of the Canadian Payroll Association.Shiela has supported many of our clients in networking with potential staff based on their individual needs. Shiela has also assisted some of our clients in their transition from care facilities to their own home. Helping them to adapt to their new surroundings, responsibilities and life within the community, by assisting them in the recruitment and training of new staff.


David Hill

David Hill, Scribe and Archiver

David Hill is an employer and client of the CSIL Program since 2003. He is grateful for the independence, choices and opportunities CSIL has enabled him to enjoy. David joined the IFRC Team in October 2014 and is kept quite busy as our Transcriber. He feels it is a privilege and a pleasure to work for such an amazing team! David received his Medical Transcription Certificate from West Coast MOA Services Educational Program. In addition to his IFRC duties, he is Vice President of the Little People of British Columbia [LPBC] in the Lower Mainland and has been an active member since birth. He attends yearly conventions, when possible, for the Little People of America [LPA] in various cities around USA. LPA and technology has enabled David to make friends around the world which he thoroughly enjoys keeping in touch with by  chatting and texting as well as through Facebook and Twitter. In the past, David volunteered for several years at his local church library. He  also provided online marketing and data entry for a motor-sports store. David enjoys eating out, trying new foods and experiences. In his  spare time, he gathers with friends playing board games, watching movies and various shows. He is a diehard Starwars, Hobbit, Duck  Dynasty and U2 fan. To David, the most important things are Faith, Family and Friends … and not to forget his amazing Golden Retriever!

Ean Price

Ean Price, Technical Director

Ean Price joined the IFRC Society team in May 2014. He is our IT expert. Ean’s knowledge in computer software is valuable for website presence. He is an entrepreneur; founder of ICAN Resource Group Inc., a multifaceted corporation primarily focused on Medical Assistive Devices and Multimedia Development in Kelowna, British Columbia. He is a strong activist for independence through technology. This passion led Ean to become Kelowna Chapter Coordinator for the Tetra Society. In 2012, Ean joined the Board of the BC Association for Individualized Technology and Supports for People with Disabilities (BCITS). Other volunteer contributions include the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay,  Neil Squire Society and Muscular Dystrophy Canada. In his free time Ean enjoys traveling overseas.

Anthony Cheng

Anthony Cheng, Treasurer

Anthony Cheng is a Self-Employed Bookkeeper servicing approximately 60 CSIL employers in the Metro Vancouver area. When Paul Gauthier, our Executive Director, started on the CSIL program in 1994, Anthony was there at the forefront performing payroll services. Anthony had provided payroll training to CSIL employers throughout the mid-1990’s and continues to provide information for various guide materials such as the CSIL Employers’ Association payroll module. He provided orientation to IFRC Society payroll service provider. In his free time, he volunteers for SportAbility BC in numerous sports such as Boccia, Powersoccer as well as the Vancouver Parks Board in its Adapted Aquatics  Program.

Glen Blake

Glen Blake, Vice-President

Glen Blake is Vice-President of the IFRC since May 2014. He was a Special Education Assistant for over fifteen years where his compassion and understanding for the needs of people with disabilities, shone. While fulfilling his role within the Surrey School district, Glen also worked as a Group Home Care Attendant; providing care, patience and empathy to children of the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre. Currently he works as an Equipment Operator I. Glen has Cerebral Palsy and was the Founding member of SportAbility BC. His love of sports continued with a list of credentials from 1981 to 2005; Track Athlete, Surrey Hotshots Boccia Club Coach, Boccia Referee and the  Provincial and National Boccia Coach for the Cerebral Palsy Sports Association. Glen’s goal is to improve the lives of people with disabilities  and support them to choose their own path; through Education, sports and  individual backing. He believes the fundamental place to start is  choosing how  and where to live. Community is all around us;  living and breathing. Glen whole-heartedly supports our right to grow within our  community.

Joseph Theriault

Joseph Theriault, President

Joseph Theriault is President of the IFRC Board of Directors since May 2014. He has valuable experience allowing him to see both sides of health care; working within the industry as a Home Support Worker, Residential Care Attendant and as well as for CSIL Employers. Joseph has been instrumental in assisting Paul Gauthier obtain his initial independence. He worked alongside Paul and others as pioneers of the individual funding project; then known as Enhanced Consumer Participation Model [ECPM]. To further his involvement, Joseph continued to work with Paul and the Health Authorities to create and promote the CSIL Program, we know today, throughout British Columbia. He provided  workshops about CSIL through the Capilano Community College in the Lower Mainland. He promoted the CSIL Program further in tours and  various training workshops all over British Columbia.